In accordance with principles of China Internet Domain Name Regulations, Internet Keyword Registration Measures, Wireless Keyword Registration Regulations, etc., the following domain names are currently registrable in P.R. China:

“.cn” domain name, including,,,,, etc., among which, “.cn” and “” are the most important and the most disputes happened in these two areas.

Domain name with keyword in Chinese, namely, xxx (in Chinese).com, xxx (in Chinese).net, xxx (in Chinese).cn, etc.

Domain name in pure Chinese, namely,all parts of a domain name are in Chinese. Pure Chinese domain names currently registrable are: xxx (in Chinese).中国, xxx (in Chinese).网络,xxx (in Chinese).公司, etc.

Internet keyword, is a domain name without pre-fix or postfix, for example, Shanghai Patent & Trademark Law Office, LLC can be registered as an internet keyword, when visiting the website, one can just write in Shanghai Patent & Trademark Law Office, LLC in the URL address line, and it will direct to the website of Shanghai Patent & Trademark Law Office, LLC at

Wireless keyword, specially used for mobile phone users, similar to internet keyword, also does not need any prefix or postfix.

Our firm can represent domestic and foreign clients in registration of above various domain names in China. In addition, our firm can register for clients for international domain names of .com, .net, .org, .biz, .mobi and .name, etc. as well as regional domain names as .hk or, etc. for Hong Kong, .tw, or, etc. for Taiwan or .asia for Asia.

Besides domain name registration services as abovementioned, our firm also provides with annual fee payment, search as well as dispute resolving services of domain name registrations. Domain name disputes can be solved through designated dispute resolution agencies or courts.