The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has recently issued the World Intellectual Property Report 2017 in Geneva, focusing on the development trend in the field of intellectual property rights, etc. After studying the global value chain of product production, WIPO reveals that nearly 1/3 of the value of final products in global sales comes from “intangible capital” such as brand, design and technology. This also reflects the increasingly prominent role of intellectual property rights that are often used to protect intangible capitals.

The study of World Intellectual Property Report 2017: Intangible Capital in Global Value Chains involves the incomes accruing to labor, tangible capital and intangible capital in global value chain production for various types of manufacturing activities which account for 1/4 of the total global economy as well as case study, etc. Case study focuses on the fields of coffee, photovoltaic (solar panel) and smart phones. In order to provide opinions from economic perspective, the Report has reviewed national income and production accounting accounts from all over the world, international trade statistics as well as business data. 

"The intangible capital in today's global value chain will gradually determine the fate and wealth of the enterprise. It's embedded in the appearance, feelings, functions and overall appeal of the product we buy, which determines the success rate of the product in the market, "said Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO, "and intellectual property rights are the means for enterprises to maintain the competitive edge of the intangible capital."

In addition, the report explores how developing economies – notably China – have succeeded in participating in global value chains by building their own intangibles, and what opportunities may exist to pursue similar strategies in the future.

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 (Adapted from IPRdaily)

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WIPO Issued the World Intellectual Property Report 2017