Our Document Service Department is one of the leading Patent Information Service Center in China. With our complete and outstanding collection of Chinese patent related resources, foreign patent databases and the well trained and experienced staff, we provide our clients with professional patent information service of various kind and nature.

  The resources:

  1) China Patent Full Specification: Invention Laid Open, Examined/Granted Inventions, Utility Models

  2) China Patent Gazettes (Invention, Utility Model, Design)

  3) Gazette-based design database in Locarno class order

  4) Gazette-based Patent/Utility Model in IPC order

  5) Gazette-based legal status database

  6) Chinese patent CD-ROMs

  7) US patents CD-ROMs

  8) EP/PCT patents CD-ROMs

  9) GlobalPat CD-ROMs

  10) JP Patents CD-ROMs

The service:

  1) Novelty search

  2) Prior art search

  3) Infringement search

  4) Validity search

  5) Subject-oriented collection search

  6) Patent status search

  7) Patent register copying

  8) File wrapper copying

  9) Patent specification copying

  10) Patent family or equivalent search

  11) SDI(Selevtive Dissemination of Information Service) and other status watching

  12) Translation of patent and non-patent documents