Patent navigation projects can be divided into two categories: industrial planning and enterprise operation.

The patent navigation project of industry planning closely follows the two main lines of industry analysis and patent analysis. It deeply integrates patent information with industry status quo, development trend, policy environment, market competition and other information, clarifies the direction of industry development, finds out the orientation of regional industry, and points out the specific path to optimize the allocation of industrial innovation resources.

The patent navigation project of enterprise operation aims at enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, takes patent navigation analysis as its means and enterprise product development and patent operation as the core, runs through patent navigation, innovation guidance, product development and patent operation, and promotes patent integration to support enterprise innovation and development.

The patent navigation projects of enterprise operation and industry planning are organically connected but relatively independent. Not only can we make full use of the results of the patent navigation project of industry planning, to work on the basis of industry patent layout situation and competition pattern, but also can we start directly from enterprises according to the content module that enterprises need to know urgently.

Our company has two national patent information leading talents and two national patent information teaching talents, providing various patent navigation services for the government, industrial parks and enterprises all the year round.