The object of patent protection is technological innovation, but the actual use of patent is to protect the market competitiveness of enterprises. And enterprise patent technology mining must serve to build the core competitiveness of enterprises. Market competitiveness is reflected by market competition. On the one hand, it lies in the difference from other similar products; on the other hand, it lies in consumers' recognition of products.

Traditional patent mining often starts from a technological point of view and patent applications are filed one by one based on the technological innovation points pointed out by R&D personnel. Such patent applications cannot construct a complete patent layout to protect market competitiveness, as the voice of the market has been completely weakened through market personnel to technical personnel and then to patent agents, and scattered patent applications cannot set up a complete network of patent protection.

Our company's patent mining and mapping work are undertaken by patent litigation agents who have been engaged in patent enforcement and protection for many years. On the one hand, from the market point of view, we excavate technological innovation points according to products’ selling points, so as to implement the patent mapping work to protect the core competitiveness of enterprises; on the other hand, from the analysis of competitors in this field and prior art situation, we predict the future direction of technological development, making the patent mapping work more forward-looking. In addition, through the anti-circumvention test, we can find out whether the current technological innovation points are sufficient to cover the selling points of products in an all-round way, and assist technical personnel in re-innovation in the process of drafting the application documents, so as to cover the core competitiveness of enterprises as effectively as possible.