Patent pre-warning is, by paying attention to and tracking the technical fields related to the business and products of enterprises, to collect and analyze patent information and market information in these fields comprehensively and continuously, learn competitors' trends, discover patent and other intellectual property threats from others in time as well as infringement upon patent and other IP rights owned by enterprises, give warning to decision-makers or R&D teams of enterprises, formulate response plan in advance to find out the precursors of possible patent disputes as early as possible, so as to prevent enterprises from being helpless when facing sudden patent disputes in the course of business operation. Specifically, it may include:

(1) Patent early warning in the stage of technology project establishment. By patent searching and analyzing the technology subject, understand the current situation of technology development and provide the basis for whether to establish a project or not

(2) Patent early warning in R&D process. Through the investigation of existing patents, estimate the possible infringement risk, and give advises on R&D direction, or suggestions on how to deal with the risk

(3) Pre-warning of competitors' patents. By retrieving and tracking competitors' patents, identify risky patents in time and formulate countermeasures