Nowadays, the pattern of business competition in the world has shifted from a price war that emphasizes cost to an intellectual property war that emphasizes technology and brand. Almost all high-tech industries take intellectual property as their main source of profit. Large multinational enterprises also have a large number of intellectual property rights as well as   the ability to make full use of these IP rights, thus forming technical barriers to protect their innovation. In the new era, enterprises must raise IP work to the height of enterprise strategy in order to adapt to the current new situation.

As an advanced unit in the implementation of the national intellectual property strategy and a national demonstration institution for the analysis and appraisal of intellectual property rights, our company has formulated a set of "comprehensive evaluation system of enterprise IP work" by summing up many years' experience in carrying out enterprise IP strategic planning for various types of enterprises. The system is based on six first-level indicators, 30 second-level indicators, 100 third-level indicators and 500 evaluation dimensions to carry out a comprehensive "physical examination" on enterprises, covering all aspects of enterprise IP management, such as system construction, staffing, innovative acquisition, risk prevention, enforcement in operation and internationalization, so as to realize scientific "diagnosis" and "prescription" on IP work of enterprises, and provide suitable IP strategic planning for enterprises of different levels, such as construction, promotion and demonstration types.